20 Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know They Could Get

Many senior discounts are readily available but you just need to know where to look for them. Seniors and retirees are often given discounted prices at most restaurants, retailers, hotels, public transport, and parks. However, in order to receive these senior discounts there is usually just one catch – you have to ask for them.

All you need to do is ask, “Do you have a senior discount?” and see what deals are offered. By using these discount tips and promotions, you could save money every single day. We have provided you with a list of 20 discounts that seniors can get in 2018 (only if they know to ask about them). You can read about them here and take advantage of these special deals.

1. Homeowners Born Before 1975 Can Save $4,500 With HARPseniors 1

If you own a house and were born before 1975 then you can potentially save thousands of dollars this year through a government program called HARP. By taking advantage of the Home Affordable Refinance Plan (HARP), many Americans will be able to decrease their monthly payments by as much as $4,500 during the first year. Although HARP was supposed to conclude in 2017, it has been extended through 2018.

However, to qualify for the program you must have good credit. If your credit is below standard then this discount may be unlikely. You can check if you qualify for the HARP program by filling out an online HARP approval survey. If paying off your mortgage sooner, saving over $300 a month, and reducing your costs is of interest to you, then signing up for HARP is the best discount tip available.