These Hilarious Airport Moments Will Make You Cry Laughing

Traveling by plane can either be a simple venture or a highly stressful experience. Whether you are packing for your trip, driving to the airport, or waiting in endless lines, you never know what to expect at the airport until you board your plane and land at your destination. These funny pictures perfectly show the unexpected experiences that you might encounter at the airport. Look through to see if you’ve ever witnessed any of these hilarious moments when you were traveling. They will definitely make your day!

Lay-Over Or Underairport 1

We are all too familiar with the struggle of seeing your flight number on the airport departure board with a yellow “delayed” signal next to it. When that happens, you instantly start thinking about where you are going to relax until your flight eventually starts boarding. You try to make yourself as comfortable as possible, but that isn’t always the easiest task. This woman thought outside the box and took her comfort to a whole new level. She was somehow able to position herself under the seat armrests. That technique might not work for everyone though. Luckily, she was able to fit without worrying about losing weight.