The Biggest Stars Of The 1980s – You Won’t Believe How They Look Today

You won’t recognize most of these 1980s celebs today. Do you ever wonder what your favorite 1980s stars are doing now? Do you ever ask yourself, “What do they look like today?” Well, we were wondering the same thing and decided to make a list of our favorites in their current situations. Many are still acting or have retired, others needed a divorce attorney (multiple times), and some are facing financial problems. We can confidently say that you’ll be surprised!

Kelly McGillis – Teaches Acting & Helps Addicts


Kelly McGillis became famous for her notable role in 1986’s Top Gun, starring next to superstar actor Tom Cruise. She continued her career acting in other successful films like Witness and The Accused. Currently, McGillis keeps busy spending her time helping drug and alcohol addicts in several New Jersey rehab centers. She also works at The New Work Studio for Stage where she teaches stage acting. In 2002, McGillis divorced her second husband. She later publicly confessed that she was gay. Since she has a net worth of over $8 million, she is able to continue volunteering at rehab centers and other charitable organizations.