Celebrities You Didn’t Know Passed Away – Who Had Health Insurance & Who Left Their Family With Money Disputes Instead Of Hiring A Will And Testament Attorney

Unfortunately, in life, death is the only certainty. When someone we know and love passes away, it is a confusing and shocking feeling that we will never be able to interact with them again.  Even when we don’t actually know the person, but just see them on TV or in movies, it is still an odd feeling.  Many people are unaware that some of our favorite stars have already passed. Even we were shocked by some recent celebrity deaths when we compiled this list. We hope that at least they had life and health insurance and didn’t need a will and testament attorney to settle their money disputes. Look through our list to see 35 stars that you may not have known have already left us. #17 and #28 will likely shock you!


Alice Playten started out on Broadway. From there, she became an extremely successful TV actress, starring in the shows Legend and California Dreaming.  She won awards for her acting and singing. Sadly, Alice dealt with diabetes for her entire life.  Thus, she was in and out of treatment and recovery centers.When she was 63, she passed away from complications due to pancreatic cancer. Fans of her shows were utterly shocked. We hope she had great health insurance and didn’t leave her family with debt or money disputes.