1. Geophysical/ Geological Engineering

Average Income:  $99.000

Unemployment rate: 1%

The degree focuses on the scientific method behind finding and taking out diverse natural resources from the Earth. These natural resources include minerals, ores, water, precious gems, or gases. Although it is similar to mining, these engineers spend a lot of time trying to find sites that are rich in material and search for new advancements in extraction.


  1. Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences/Administration

Average Income: $116,600

Unemployment rate: 2.7%

This degree doesn’t make you into a pharmacist, but provides an individual with the resources to work as a pharmaceutical representative or in other related field.

  1. Petroleum Engineering

Average Income: $134,800

Unemployment rate: 2.4%

These engineers design and produce different approaches for extracting gas and oil from below the surface of the Earth and from previously drawn wells.

Each of these distinct college degrees depict a lot of economic potential for students who are graduating college and looking to swiftly obtain jobs. The market for jobs may be on the decline but these degrees prove that with the right background and knowledge, you can realize your true potential and excel in the workplace.